Tired of monolithic libraries?

Qoopido.nucleus is a lightweight and modular JavaScript utility library. It utilizes and strongly encourages the use of small and flexible modules.

Simple & light­weight inheri­tance

Extending an existing module only takes a few lines of code and makes your code easily reusable.

Events made easy & fun

By extending the included emitter your modules are instantly able to emit events others can listen on.

Intuitive DOM manipu­lation

Make use of DOM manipulation, event abstraction and delegation paired with an intuitive interface.

Viewport-aware DOM elements

Easily react upon any element entering, nearing or leaving the visible viewport.

Extendible feature detection

Feature-detection has never been easier and more flexible and is uniquely async by design.

Ajax for human beings

Simplify your daily ajax needs with Nucleus included promise-like XHR abstraction.

CSS media queries in JavaScript

Register any query and attach your own functions to its match and unmatch events.

Web­Worker done right

Completely take away the hassle of WebWorkers and make them easy and fun to use, finally.

Flexible iterators

Develop slideshows, lightboxes, sliders or pagers by implementing Nucleus built-in iterator and attach any UI.

How do I use it in my project?

Head over to GitHub to find complete installation and usage instructions, easy - and leave a star if you wish.

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